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Alta blinds


Alta is a high-quality manufacturer owned by Hunter Douglas and a part of the Shade-O-Matic brand family, offering a wide selection of premium window treatments. Explore all the products and specifications:

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Experience the quality and perfection of Hunter Douglas in your home. It's a well-known brand that we are proudly offering. See Hunter Douglas products:

Norman blinds


Norman is another outstanding manufacturer renowned for its exceptional products and quality. They are particularly known for their superior, USA-made shutters. Explore Norman products:

Some of our budget-friendly, more affordable brands: Shade-O-Matic, CBM, MaxXmar, Altex, Alendel, Unique, Maxwell, Patlin, and several others.

We are perfectionists. We offer you the absolute best. After years of dealing with numerous brands, we carefully selected a handful of manufacturers. At the top of our list are three brands we always recommend first: Hunter Douglas, Alta, and Norman.

These brands excel in many areas, including exceptional quality and workmanship, a solid lifetime warranty with no questions asked, perfect hardware and fabric matching, a range of operating options, and more.

We’ve also carefully selected budget-friendly alternatives that meet our high-quality standards, and we guarantee the quality of each brand.