2020 SKY CordControl Colchester FamilyRoom

Key Features

  • Tailored for windows of varying sizes, Skyline® Gliding Window Panels offer a sleek solution that stacks tightly and provides expansive views when fully opened.
  • Explore our extensive fabric collection, boasting over 550 color choices to suit any interior style or preference.
  • Enjoy smooth operation facilitated by an interlocking bottom weight, ensuring effortless control and adjustment.
  • Achieve a tidy, unobtrusive appearance when panels are stacked, thanks to our proprietary hardware design.
  • Select from panel sizes of 11 ½ inches or 17 inches, accommodating different window dimensions with ease.
  • Rest assured with our commitment to child safety, as our products are thoughtfully designed to create a safer environment for little ones around window treatments.
2020_SKY_DSS_PV_Omni 10%_LivingRoom
2023 DRS SKY PV Kitchen After

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