Motorized Blinds & Shades, & Curtains and Draperies

Hunter Douglas PowerView Gen 3 is a sophisticated automation system designed to streamline the management of your Hunter Douglas window treatments. This advanced system integrates with both custom & DIY home automation systems like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit for full control and automation benefits. 

The award-winning Hunter Douglas PowerView Gen 3 allows you to easily control your blinds and shades with voice command, the touch of a button, or through an intuitive mobile app.

With PowerView Gen 3, you can create and automate customized scenes that adjust multiple shades simultaneously to match your desired ambiance. The system’s intelligent technology not only enhances the convenience of operating your window treatments, but it also offers several benefits such as energy savings, increased privacy, and improved security.

The ability to remotely control your shades also provides an added layer of convenience and security, allowing you to adjust your window treatments even when you’re away from home.

Overall, PowerView Gen 3 automation is a smart investment that offers both convenience and practical benefits for your home or office.

Some of our Pre & Post Construction Hardwiring Options


Hunter Douglas 16 Shade DC Power Supply

-Can be recessed or surface mounted. The 16 Shade DC Power Supply utilizes low-voltage electrical wiring (provided) to connect power to the shades. Can be arranged with our electrician or wiring diagram or can be provided for an electrician of your choice.

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Hunter Douglas PowerView+ 16 Shade Smart Power Supply

-Can be recessed or surface mounted. --The 16 Shade Smart Power Supply both provides power to and works together with the Hub to communicate with the PowerView+ shades. Uses four-conductor low-voltage electrical cable (provided) with: Two conductors (12-18 AWG) for power Two conductors (20-24 AWG) in a twisted, shielded pair for data. We can send our low voltage electrician or provide wiring diagram to your electrician.