Repairing Hunter Douglas Blinds

Repairing Hunter Douglas Blinds

Hunter Douglas Repair

Hunter Douglas Blinds Repair Services

For homeowners who want to keep their Hunter Douglas blinds in good shape, the best we recommend is to find a Hunter Douglas Dealer in your area. Hunter Douglas often supports their products with a solid lifetime warranty and covers all the parts your window coverings might need.

There are reliable repair services available in many locations all over North America. From fixing broken cords and wands to replacing torn or damaged slats, Hunter Douglas repair professionals have the experience and expertise to ensure your window coverings look and function better than ever.

However there are multiple resources available if you want to attempt and repair your own Hunter Douglas window coverings.

Useful Resources:

Our Website

Our store is a Hunter Douglas priority location and repair & service center in Victoria BC, Canada. If you are on Vancouver Island feel free to contact us. Also check out our website for many repair video we constantly make:
Hunter Douglas Duette Top-Down/Bottom-Up LiteRise Repair

Hunter Douglas Website

The is a great source to find useful information. From setting up PowerView app and trouble shooting to parts and repairs or installations

YouTube and Google

YouTube and Google are great sources of information. Nowadays if you search online, there’s a video explaining almost anything.

Identifying the Product & the Problem

Although products with a cord loop are slowly disappearing, there are still many products that come with a cord loop. It should be an easy process to replace worn or stretched out cord loops or broken cord guides.

Pleated shades like Duette Honeycomb cellular shades or Applause honeycomb shades with cordless LiteRise system often have broken cords or a broken cord guide, and as result, broken spring loaded motor. In order to be able to replace parts and service those blinds you need to be familiar with them so we recommend doing a lot of research.

Parts you Need

For sourcing the required parts for the project you will need to contact a dealer and give them the original purchase order number that can be found on the window coverings headrail or bottom bar.

They can order all the parts you need for you and it should be all free of charge.

Gather Materials and Tools

After collecting all the parts you need, you will have to also have some basic tools. Consider the Un install and Installation at the end. A Robertson screwdriver number 2 and 7/64 Allen wrench are two integral parts you will need to repair any Hunter Douglas blind. A hammer and scissor and a hemostat will also be needed. Plus some other basic household tools.

Disassembly, Reassembly & Installation Steps

First step is to take down your blind. Depending on the windows, most Hunter Douglas blind and shades are installed with a clip on bracket which is really easy to unclip & remove the blind and install when serviced. So the entire removal and installation Process should be easy.

Follow the steps exactly as you read from Hunter Douglas Support page or our website or other sources you complete before starting the project.

Troubleshooting Tips

Always have  website saved. It has all you will need.


If you have the right tools and resources you can easily repair and service your Hunter Douglas Window Coverings. Even replacing motors in motorized blinds like PowerView gen 3 can be done with some basic tools and knowledge. Feel free to call or email us if you need further assistance.