4 Most Energy Efficient Window Coverings

What are the most energy efficient window coverings?

Windows are big energy portals, and choosing the right window coverings can save energy costs.

Here’s a list of the most energy efficient window coverings you can purchase for your windows in order to save energy:

1-Duette Architella® Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Number one in our list is Duette Architella® Honeycomb Cellular Shades by Hunter Douglas. With two cells that act like air pockets to trap air, Duette Honeycomb cellular shades by Hunter Douglas are rated to be one of the most energy efficient window coverings. Their modern and sleek look combined with their innovative double cell energy efficient design makes them one of the most popular window coverings of all time!

On top of their high insulation, cellular shades are also very sleek and professional. They look good in almost any room and look nice on any size of window, small or large.

2-Floor to Ceiling Fabric Combinations: Thermal/Blackout Lining with Fabrics or Sheers!

Fabric Combinations

Number two in our list is floor to ceiling sheer combined with thermal lining fabric! This combination is one of the most energy efficient window treatments and one of the most popular custom window treatments in 2022.

Blackout or non-blackout drapery lining fabrics are now available with thermal coating. They are mostly measured floor to ceiling when combined with-wide width sheers, and they cover the whole wall with no gap for energy to escape. This combination creates enough insulation to keep heat or cold inside, or block light better than all the other window coverings.

Thermal/blackout lining, combined with a layer of sheer, or any drapery fabric, is one of the most versatile and energy efficient window treatments among all forms and styles of window treatments.

3-Blackout Roller Shades and Solar Shades

Roller Shades
Roller and Screen Shades

Roller Shades & Solar Shades

Roller shades are a solid, simple, and energy efficient choice when it comes to window coverings.

Correctly measured to fit the window with the least amount of side gap, they are one of the best options in terms of energy efficiency and insulation. While blackout roller shades are one of the best insulating blinds, they sacrifice a bit of view and light that can be a deal breaker for some.

Solar Shades, however, block UV rays and prevent energy loss while they allow for a little view, so one can enjoy the outside view while preventing heat loss or cold loss and keeping energy bills manageable.

Dual roller shades are the ultimate option that can be used. A layer of see-thru solar shade combined with a layer of blackout roller shade makes roller shades ideal for energy efficiency and also for controlling natural light and room darkening. Overall, roller shades are versatile, simple, affordable, clean-looking, and energy efficient.

4-Soft Window Treatments(Fabric)

Victoria BC
Curtains and Drapes

Soft Window Treatments

Soft or fabric window treatments are highly insulating and also one of the top energy efficient window treatments. A pair of lined drapery panels, measured from floor to ceiling, is one of the most energy efficient window treatments available.

Generally, curtains and draperies are among the top window treatments when it comes to preserving energy, especially in buildings with large windows. Fabric is most ideal for big windows since it gives a lot of flexibility in terms of customization. The bigger the windows, the higher the percentage of energy loss. However, arming the windows with the right window coverings can reduce energy loss by up to 50%.

Some other window treatments that are good alternatives in terms of preserving energy are window shades such as Hunter Douglas Silhouette window shades.

Roman shades are also a great insulating option. Custom Roman shades are among the most energy efficient window treatments, particularly when lined with blackout lining fabrics.

Roman shades or Roman blinds come in different styles and shapes suitable for many settings.

Applause cellular shades are one other great alternative. Applause is a different style of the same cellular shades we mentioned above, but with single-layer cells instead of two outer and inner cells. They offer great energy efficiency, and they also come in 3 opacities: sheer, light filtering, and room darkening.

Now let’s talk a little about what window coverings to avoid to keep the energy bills low;

What window coverings should we use or avoid in order to save energy?

Venetian Blinds

Slat style window shades and window blinds are not the best options if saving heat and cold is the goal. Although they are a good barrier in blocking direct sunlight and to reduce solar heat, most of those window shades and window blinds with hard slats allow for large heat and cold loss, so let’s keep the bills small and use venetian blinds, wood and faux wood blinds, vertical blinds, and even shutters only when suitable. 

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