Cellular Honeycomb Shades/(Duette)

Window Blinds

Key Features

  • Cellular Honeycomb Shades offer year-round comfort by keeping your home cozy in winter and refreshing in summer.
  • Their insulating, cellular design enhances energy efficiency. For even greater benefits, discover Duette Architella┬« Honeycomb Shades.
  • Enjoy exquisite light diffusion, creating an inviting ambiance in any room.
  • Select from a range of luxurious, high-quality fabrics, with over 50 percent sourced from recycled materials, adding to their beauty and sustainability.
  • Experience reduced noise levels and a quieter environment with their sound absorption properties, promoting tranquility throughout your home.
Hunter Douglas Honeycomb shades

Energy Efficient Structure

2016_DU_UG_Commercial_Living Room-min

Top Down/Bottom Up

Hunter Douglas Duette Duolite

Two Fabric Combinations

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